Through The Eyes of a Child

(or The Things My Kids Say)

One of the things I have most enjoyed about motherhood is the chance to experience life through the eyes of a child.

To them, the world is a mystery, one great big never-ending science experiment.  Every day brings something new and exciting.  Discoveries lurk at every corner.

(Although, I think we’ve proven more times that necessary that, yes, dog food does in fact float.)

I’ve loved watching the development of language, as gurgles and coos give way to words.  It’s enlightening to witness them navigate the English language, especially as they encounter and react to all of the “exceptions to the rule” in our language.  You can hear them apply the rule, and then watch their little face scrunch up as they realize it doesn’t sound right, and then try to figure out what went wrong with their logic.  I reluctantly correct them because their mistakes are often so adorable:

T(wo): What did we do on my 2th birthday?  What about on my 3th birthday?

It is particularly interesting to watch them find their own voices in this Digital Age.  For them, there has always been the internet, iPhones, iPads, Amazon Prime, On Demand TV, Google, YouTube, Facebook (I’ve stopped trying to get baby books made – it’s all documented on Facebook anyways!).

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Dear New Mother

(or What I Wish Someone Had Told Me Before I Had Kids)

You are embarking on the most amazing journey, one that will irrevocably change who you are and your relationships to most things, hopefully for the better.  Children provide such windows and mirrors to our true selves, and I don’t think you can help but being changed by that.

A friend recently surmised parenthood with the expression “Don’t Blink.”

A random stranger in London once said to me “the days are long but the years are short.”  I don’t know what he saw on my face to know that I needed to hear those reassuring words, probably a combination of sheer exhaustion, jet-lag and being at my wits-end!

I know everyone says that it goes fast, but it really does.  Each stage comes with its own set of adventures, discoveries and challenges.  Each stage is different, some more difficult or enjoyable than others.

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